Thank you, Jaqueline!!!

Due to health reasons Jaqueline Bührmann had to quit her job with us.

We very much regret this fact, as we greatly appreciated her extremely experienced, sensitive training with our horses and her reliability. We love to remember her successes with our horses, be it the National Championship final rides on Jamela and Journesse du Rouet, the successful participation in the German U25 Show-Jumping Cup with Aquavit and her international placings with Doriano, Chacco Rosso, Casablanca, Jamela, Aquavit and the two youngsters Stuart Little and Jerry's Action in Neumünster, Oldenburg, Nörten-Hardenberg, Riesenbeck and Herzlake. We wish you all the best for the future, dear Jaqueline!!! Jaqueline's successor is Kai Thomann, a young rider who (like Jaqueline, by the way) already caused a sensation in the pony saddle. He has gained an excellent reputation as trainer of young horses and we are very much looking forward to work with him!! His successful debut was already taken place at the show in Klein Roscharden, where Kai placed with Stuart Little and Jerry's Action in the young horse show-jumping competitions.

Journesse du Rouet and Kai Thomann. Photo: foto-team-mhisen

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